Can I Use LED Lights in a Commercial Freezer? What To Know

Can I Use LED Lights in a Commercial Freezer? What To Know

  • Ashby Maxim

Lighting in a commercial freezer isn't always at the forefront of a manager's mind when considering energy costs, even though it should be. When fluorescent or incandescent lights are used in a freezer, it’ll waste energy as it tries to keep a consistent temperature. This is because fluorescent and incandescent lights will output a lot more heat than other alternative lighting sources. The next logical step would be to investigate the viability of led lighting in a freezer, making everyone ask the question of "Can I use LED lights in a commercial freezer?" To answer that question, here is everything you need to know.


While the cost of LED lights may be greater than other incandescent bulbs, it’s an upfront cost that will pay for itself over the bulb's lifespan. Many commercial freezers have the option to have LEDs installed at the time of installation, meaning you won’t have to spend money on changing out the older bulbs in the first place. Along with the lessened cooling costs due to the bulbs not emitting as much heat as traditional lightbulbs, you’ll have a lessened operational cost in the long term.


It’s no secret that the lifespan of an LED bulb is absurdly long, owing to its great statistics as far as cost per hour. Most tests from the major manufacturers of LEDs posit they have a lifespan of 100,00 hours in a freezer, as opposed to the 50,000 hours they’re expected to last in warmer climates. Even so, very few realize that while in a freezer, LEDs are actually capable of lasting far longer. Furthermore, they cannot be damaged by cold temperature or high humidity, which is of concern with most incandescent lightbulbs.


Besides the lengthened lifespan and the better costs, there are some other minor benefits to having LEDs in a commercial freezer. For one, LEDs turn on instantly and don’t need to warm up. Compare this with incandescent bulbs, which take a lot longer to warm up than usual in a freezer set. You never have to worry about an LED lightbulb breaking from extreme temperatures, or even exposing them to mercury since they don’t have any.

So, to answer the question "Can I use LED lights in a commercial freezer?" the answer is YES! You definitely should use them, in fact, as they provide some major benefits in both cost, lifespan, and safety. They’re the better option in nearly every case! If you are in the market for walk-in cooler led light fixtures, contact Eco LED Mart. We have one of the biggest selections of LED Light fixtures at some of the best prices on the market!


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