Commercial Linear LED Light Fixtures

Illuminate your commercial spaces with our cutting-edge commercial linear LED light fixtures—they’ll blend seamlessly into any commercial environment. Our linear LED light fixture collection offers unparalleled efficiency and style, making it the perfect choice for businesses looking to enhance their indoor lighting while saving on energy costs. With our commercial indoor LED lighting fixtures, you’ll experience a blend of aesthetics and functionality that will meet the demands of modern commercial settings. Additionally, our commercial linear light fixture options allow for easy installation and long-term durability, ensuring your space remains brilliantly illuminated for years to come. Choose our commercial linear LED light fixtures for a smart, sustainable lighting solution in your commercial building.

Eco LED Mart's commercial Linear LED light Fixtures work without ballast and our self-sufficient fixtures which can be mounted on any flat surface. Commercial linear lighting is great for warehouses, retail, manufacturing, and other industrial or commercial spaces. From our easy-to-install and thinly designed 4ft and 8ft Linear LED light Fixture to our heavy-duty Tri-Proof Fixtures, ECOLED Mart has all of the commercial linear lighting supplies you need. Our thin and comparatively lightweight as well as our heavy-duty LED lighting fixtures bring you lasting savings through reduced power consumption and longevity. Update or exchange your current commercial linear lighting with our eco-friendly alternative linear LED lights today.

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About Our LED Linear Lighting Fixtures

Our Linear LED Lighting fixtures are advanced LED linear fixtures designed to replace the fluorescent light bulbs of yesteryear. Due to their energy savings, better lighting output, and color rendition, LEDs are by far a superior choice to CFL bulbs.

This category of LED lighting fixtures is comprised of three different subcategories

  • Linkable LED Integrated Tube Lights
  • Linkable LED Strip Lights
  • Linkable LED Tri-Proof Light fixtures

Linkable LED Integrated Tube lights

An Integrated LED Tube light is a self-contained lighting fixture that combines a sleek and slim design with super energy-efficient LED technology. The key differentiator with LED tube lights is that the fixtures can be linked together via a connector, making them suitable for long hallways, corridors, and other areas where long lines of lighting are necessary. This allows for energy-efficient, continuous light that won't leave any dark spots.

These fixtures are plug-and-play and require no ballast, making them easy to install for contractors and DIYers alike.

Linkable LED Strip Lights

A linkable strip light is a type of LED lighting solution that can be connected together in various lengths to create a longer, continuous light source. These lights are designed with convenience and flexibility in mind as they can quickly and easily be installed, linked up, and disconnected to change the effect or the location of the lights. Linkable strip lights offer bright illumination for up to 50,000 hours and their flexible design makes them great for unique applications where it's hard to install traditional fixtures.

Linkable LED Tri-Proof Fixtures

A tri-proof light fixture is a type of light that is designed to be resistant to water, dust, and dampness. It is often used in areas where the fixtures may be exposed to these elements, such as in gyms, car washes, maintenance areas, stairwells, tunnels, warehouses, or shopping malls.

The LED tri-proof light fixture from Eco LED Mart is specifically designed to be water-proof, dust-proof, damp-proof, and pressure-proof, making it a very durable and reliable lighting option for these types of environments.

It can be installed as a single light or linked together in a series to create a long strip of lights, and it features a high-efficiency polycarbonate frosted diffuser lens that is optically engineered to reduce glare and hotspots.

The fixture can be surface mounted or suspended using cables, and it is equipped with a high-quality LED driver and thermal management system that ensures the illumination lasts for 50,000 hours.

Overall, the LED tri-proof light fixture is a high-quality, attractive lighting solution that is perfect for any area where a water-proof light is needed.


1. What type of features is available for your Integrated Tube Lights?

Our Tube lights come in two different lengths: 4ft & 8ft. The specs for the tube lights are as follows

4ft LED Tube Lights - 22W - 2640 Lumens. Selectable CCT of 5000k & 6500K. Linkable with a max of 8pcs

8ft LED Tube Lights - 60W - 7200 Lumens. Selectable CCT of 5000K & 6500K. Linkable with a max of 5 pcs when using a rated 125v/10a power supply wire; and a max of 3 pcs when using a rated 250v/2.5a power supply wire.

  • They both come equipped with 4"-6" cables to link them to each other.
  • They are very efficient with a 120 lumen per watt rating.
  • They both come with clear and frosted lens options
  • They both have a beam angle of 120 degrees.
2. What type of features is available for your Linkable LED Strip Lights?

Our LED strip lights are available in three different lengths: 2ft, 4ft, & 8ft. The specs for the strip lights are as follows.

2ft LED Strip Lights- 20W, 2500 Lumens, Selectable CCT of 3000K/4000K/5000K.

4ft LED Strip Lights- Selectable Wattage of 20W,30W & 40W. Up to 5000 Lumens. Selectable CCT of 3000K/4000K/5000K.

8ft LED Strip Lights - Selectable Wattage of 50W,60W & 70W. Up to 8750 Lumens. Selectable CCT of 3000K/4000K/5000K.

  • They all come equipped with 4"-6" cables to link them to each other.
  • They are very efficient with a rating of 125 lumen per watt each.
  • They all are equipped with a frosted lens
  • They all have a beam angle of 120 degrees.
3. What type of features is available for your Linkable LED Tri-Proof Light Fixtures?

Our UFO lights range anywhere from 14600 lumens to 35400 depending on the wattage. We offer three models 100, 150 & 240 watts.

The lumen rating for our linear lights is as follows :

110 watts- 15510 lumens

165 watts- 22605 lumens

220 watts- 27060 lumens

4. What color temperature options do you offer for your high bay lights?

Our LED Vapor tight tri-proof lights are available in 4ft lengths only. There are two different fixtures with different features and the specs are as follows

40W Vapor Tight Tri Proof Tube Light - 4ft long, 4000 Lumens, an efficiency rating of 100 lumens per watt. The color temperature is 5000K.

48W Vapor Tight Tri Proof Tube Light - 4ft long, 4800 Lumens, an efficiency rating of 130 lumens per watt,

  • They both have a Color Rendering Index of 80
  • They both are compatible with 100V- 277V
  • They both come with frosted lens options
  • They both have a beam angle of 120 degrees.

Do you offer warranties for your canopy lights?

We understand that investing in quality lighting products is important, which is why we include a 5-year no questions asked warranty on all of our LED Canopy Lights. If you ever have any issues with our products, simply email us a picture of the defective item and we will get a replacement shipped out to you promptly.

5. Are your Linear LED Fixtures Dimmable?

Our commercial high bay lights are designed to provide superior illumination for up to 50,000 hours. This is nearly double the lifespan of traditional fluorescent lights.

6. Are your lights eligible for rebates?

We offer 1v-10v dimming capabilities for all of our Linear Fixtures. The dimming function allows you to customize the light intensity according to your preference and can also help with reducing energy costs.

7. Are these light fixtures eligible for rebates?

At ECO LED Mart, we pride ourselves in offering products that are eligible for energy savings rebates from local utility companies. This is why all of our linear LED fixtures come with a DLC rating, which is necessary to qualify for energy efficiency rebates from utility companies in the United States.

Please check with your local utility company to check eligibility for rebates.

8. What's the Warranty of your Linear Fixtures?

The LED linear fixtures come with a 5-year in-house warranty. If you ever have any issues, simply send us a picture via email and we will ship out a replacement right away, no questions asked.

9. How Soon will I receive my product?

At ECO LED Mart, we know the importance of timely delivery which is why we offer fast and reliable shipping. We stand by our promise of the Same Day shipping for all orders placed before 2 PM Eastern Standard Time.

We ship daily out of Georgia and have delivery times of 1-5 business days depending upon the destination. We understand that receiving your products in a timely manner is important and we strive to keep our customers satisfied with our fast shipping times.

10. Do you offer Free Shipping?

Yes, we offer free standard shipping on all orders over $149 We also have expedited shipping options for customers who need their products sooner than the estimated delivery time. Please contact us for more information about our shipping policies.


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