Benefits of LED Parking Lot Lighting

When it comes to lighting streets, parking lots, or other wide-open areas, high power and high quality are both essential. This style of lighting serves an important role in keeping employees, customers, and clients safe while walking or driving in your commercial property. There several ways lighting can quickly turn sour. Low-quality lighting may cause more issues such as being easily damaged by weather, providing low-light output, and having a short lifespan. So, what’s the best option for efficiently lighting an outdoor parking lot, street, or wide-open space? Light-emitting diode (LED) fixtures are your best best.

The benefits of LED parking lot lighting far outweigh any retrofitting or higher up-front cost of switching. They provide the best illumination while using less energy than common types of light fixtures. In addition, purchasing high-quality LED parking garage and lot lights will mean fewer maintenance issues and an overall longer lifespan.

LED Parking Lot & Garage Lighting Advantages

Energy Savings

Compared to conventional lighting systems, LED lights use at least 75% less energy. This can equate to huge cost savings if using high-output or a large number of fixtures.

Safety and Security

In addition to the LED parking lot lighting benefit of reduced energy use, LED lights create a safe nighttime or gloomy weather environment. LEDs have a higher color rendering index, which provides a “truer” white light. This allows the lights to reach farther and illuminate areas more clearly.

Maintenance Reduction

As mentioned previously, one of the advantages of LED lights is their low maintenance requirement. This style of fixture was made to withstand the harsh outdoor elements. The functional life of LEDs is greater than conventional systems. You can expect a good-quality LED fixture to last around 25 times longer than common alternatives.

Recommended LED Lighting for Parking Lots & Garages From Eco LED Mart

The specific layout and needs of your facility will likely determine the style of LED lights you need. If you’re looking to gain the most out of the benefits of LED parking lot lighting, we recommend taking a look at:


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