Commercial Refrigerator LED Lights

Illuminate your commercial refrigeration units with our top-of-the-line commercial refrigerator LED lights. Designed to offer superior brightness and energy efficiency, our LED cooler lights enhance product visibility while significantly reducing energy costs. Whether you're outfitting a new unit or upgrading existing ones, our LED freezer lights provide the reliability and durability needed for the demanding environment of commercial refrigeration. Additionally, our walk-in cooler LED lights can withstand cold temperatures, ensuring consistent performance and longevity. Upgrade to our commercial refrigerator LED lights today to experience superior quality and efficiency.

Eco LED Mart's commercial LED Cooler Lights are a great replacement for your current 5ft and 6ft lights. Finding the right eco-friendly commercial freezer and walk-in cooler LED lights is essential to ensure they can withstand the cold environment and consistent use during business hours. These lights are Certified to be safe around foods and drinks and have the proper protection to prevent any moisture from damaging the lights. Our commercial LED cooler and freezer lights will replace the existing fixture and come with an Internal Driver. Once installed, there will be two ways to wire the lights; direct wire or in a series. In addition, the V-Shape design allows for evenly dispersed light. 

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About LED cooler light

Cooler lights are a type of light used in walk-in coolers and freezers, refrigerators, and other commercial applications. These lights are usually either fluorescent or LED, and they are encased in a waterproof housing that helps to protect the bulb from moisture and condensation.

Cooler lights are an essential part of any commercial food service operation. They help ensure that food is stored at the proper temperature and that products are visible to the user.

Why use LED for commercial coolers & freezer?

Commercial coolers need lighting that is bright and long-lasting, and maintenance-free. LED cooler lights fit the bill as they offer several key advantages over fluorescent bulbs including better efficiency, lower maintenance costs, and many more.

LED produces less heat

LED fixtures produce less heat than their fluorescent counterparts and as a result minimize the loss of temperature in refrigerators and freezers, helping to maintain consistent food storage conditions.

LED lights are brighter than fluorescent.

LED cooler lights provide a brighter and more evenly distributed light, allowing for better visibility of products. This not only improves the user experience but also increases productivity as employees are able to quickly and easily locate products.

LED lights require less maintenance

LED cooler lights also require less maintenance than fluorescent bulbs. They last longer on average, and they can be left switched on continuously without any negative impact on their lifespan. Plus, LEDs typically do not need to be replaced as often as fluorescent bulbs.

LED Fixtures save money through rebates

Many cooler light vendors offer rebates and incentives to businesses that switch to LED cooler lights, further reducing the initial cost of installing these fixtures. Additionally, cooler lights can save you money on your electricity bills since they use less energy than their fluorescent counterparts.

Overall, LED cooler lights are an excellent choice for any commercial food service operation. Whether you are looking to save money on energy costs or minimize maintenance needs, these lights have the perfect combination of performance and durability to get the job done


Below, you will find the most frequently asked questions pertaining to our cooler lights. If you have any further questions, please reach out to our team of experts for assistance. The ECO LED team is available from 9 am-5 PM Eastern Monday to Friday via phone or live chat.

1. What is the color temperature available for Walk-in Cooler lights?

Walk-in cooler units need bright lighting conditions that can be achieved with cooler light temperatures ranging from 4000K to 6500K.

These cooler lights are typically made with high-quality LEDs that provide bright, white light that is perfect for commercial food service applications as these businesses need their cooler area to be well-lit for convenience.

These bright, white cooler lights are also a great option for retailers who want their products to be front and center to promote more buying customers.


2. What options are available for your LED cooler lights

There are a variety of cooler light sizes to choose from, depending on your needs. At ECO LED, we carry the common sizes including 4ft, 5ft, and 6ft cooler lights.

Our 4ft LED cooler lights are only available in a 5000 Kelvin option While our 5ft and 6ft options have two cooler light temperature choices: 5000K or 6500K.

3. What is the lumen output of your LED cooler light fixtures

Our LED cooler lights average about 125 lumens per watt. Here's how it breaks down for each fixture.

4ft 18-watt LED Cooler light - 2150 lumens

5 ft 32-watt LED Cooler light - 3840 lumens

6 ft 40-watt LED Cooler Light - 4800 lumens

4. What is the warranty on your LED cooler lights?

AT ECO LED Mart, all of our LED products, including our LED cooler lights come with a no hassle, no questions asked 5-year warranty. While other retailers make you jump through hoops, all we ask is for you to simply send over a picture of your fixture to our customer service team so we can issue you a return authorization.

5. Are your lighting fixtures eligible for rebates?

AT ECO LED Mart, all of our LED commercial fixtures including our cooler lights are DLC listed which means they are eligible for most, if not all, utility rebates across the United States and Canada. We advise you to check with your local utility provider to see if you qualify.

To find out if your lighting items qualify, simply contact your local government or utility company and inquire about their rebate program. Most municipalities encourage businesses to switch to LED lighting so it's very likely your lights qualify.

6. How quickly do you ship your cooler lights?

At ECO LED Mart, we take pride in having the most responsive team in our industry with the best and fastest customer service.

This is why we offer same-day shipping on all orders placed by 2 pm eastern. Others that do not meet that cutoff time will be shipped the next day.

In addition, we offer to expedite shipping for those that need their fixtures in a hurry.


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