Considerations When Choosing Lights for Parking

Considerations When Choosing Lights for Parking

  • Ashby Maxim

Those in charge of parking lot lighting have several factors to keep in mind. Safety and security are some of the biggest concerns when constructing a parking lot, as are cost and efficacy. Here are a few essential considerations when choosing lights for parking to add to your checklist.


Often, there are minimums and maximums that municipalities set in place regarding brightness standards. Lights that aren't bright enough are ineffective and present safety hazards, and ones that are too bright can be dangerous and waste energy. Consulting with a local electrician and your municipal government can help determine what level of brightness you'll need for the space.


As the lot's owner, you don't want to spend more money on lighting than you need to. Using efficient lighting sources like LED lights can reduce the costs of operating a parking lot. Plus, they allow you to lessen your energy footprint.

Consistency and Spacing

Consider how big your lot is and how spaced out you plan to place light posts. Does this spacing spread light out evenly, or does it leave dark spots? Consider pathways leading to and from the lot as well, as you may want to install commercial LED wall pack lights to illuminate people's walk to the lot.

Color Rendering

Color rendering affects how people see light in contrast to the surfaces it hits. In a scenario where drivers are navigating tight spaces, accurate color rendering is an important consideration. LED technology provides improved color rendering, allowing drivers to seem more clearly.

When determining what lights to use for your parking lot, there are many decisions to make beyond the typical size and design features. The brightness, efficiency, consistency, and color rendering are all considerations to remember when choosing lights for parking lots. Making the right choices here will improve lot efficiency and increase the safety and security of the lot and its users.


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