Different Types of LED Light Fixtures and Their Uses

Different Types of LED Light Fixtures and Their Uses

  • Ashby Maxim

Based on the amount of floor space that needs coverage, how high the ceilings are, or whether the space is inside or outside, you can use many different types of LED light fixtures, each of which comes with special uses. Knowing the different options available to you and each type of fixture’s specializations is critical when you’re choosing the correct fixtures for your home or work area.


Designed for outdoor use, commercial LED floodlights are built to give high visibility during nighttime conditions. They’re meant to wash the entire area in bright light so that workers can continue to do their jobs even after the sun has set. They have a number of different applications, such as in landscaping, construction, and even nighttime security.

High-Bay Fixtures

These fixtures are meant to be installed in large industrial areas where the ceilings are at least 20 feet high. Since they’re installed so high up, high-bay fixtures use bulbs with a high lumen output. This increases brightness to light up the area more clearly in order to compensate for the height.

Low-Bay Fixtures

In contrast to high-bay fixtures, low bays are installed on ceilings that are less than 20 feet high. These include warehouse and commercial buildings, such as office lobbies. Low bays are given bulbs with fewer lumens, as they’re closer to the ground; more powerful bulbs would only generate an uncomfortable heat and blinding brightness.

Linear Strip Lights

Linear strips resemble the old long, cylindrical fluorescent lights. They’re now made of different materials, but they still serve the same purpose. These lights are used to cover a large floor area, typically in grocery stores or large department stores. The light they produce is even and clean, giving the environment an orderly and calm appearance.

You can install the different types of LED light fixtures outside or indoors, on high ceilings or low—however you need for optimal light coverage.


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