How LED Lights Help Get the Most From Solar Panels

How LED Lights Help Get the Most From Solar Panels

  • ECO LED Staff

Solar electricity and LED lighting are a perfect match, just like milk and cookies. They complement each other's best qualities while working well together. Here is how LED lights help get the most from solar panels!

LED Lights Run on DC Power

CFLs, LPS, HPS, and metal halide lighting all operate with solar to some extent, but a converter or ballast is normally necessary to make the light operational. This results in a loss of power, which necessitates the employment of progressively larger solar panels and battery storage systems to compensate. On the other hand, LEDs run on DC power, which is generated by solar panels and is readily available from the battery's output. Furthermore, because the LEDs are powered directly from DC, no converter or additional power is necessary. This allows the solar to run more efficiently and provide brighter lighting while using less energy. Best of all, LEDs have the highest lumen-per-watt ratio and use task-specific optics and distribution patterns.

Better Light Output

LEDs have a far higher light intensity and can create a wider range of colors—from a gentle, warm glow to a harsh white light. LEDs also come in a variety of colors that can be used for landscape, ornamental, or mood lighting. Furthermore, as LEDs have progressed, the blue-white color that most LEDs used to have has been erased, leaving only white light. The majority of applications employ a color light output of roughly 3K to 5K. Finally, lights in the 3K color spectrum are ideal for settings such as parks, boat ramps, and other applications where brilliant white light isn't required for visibility.

Less Power Consumption

LEDs consume a quarter of the energy required by an incandescent lamp, and a half to a third of the energy used by compact fluorescent bulbs. Because of the decreased power consumption, more light may be produced at the same wattage. On the contrary, less power is consumed for the same amount of light previously produced. This means that for the same installation, the same or a smaller solar power assembly would be required, or fewer poles may be utilized with a better light output.

We hope you have enjoyed our article on how LED lights help get the most from solar panels! If you are looking to purchase outdoor LED flood lights to help illuminate your outdoor spaces, be sure to reach out to Eco LED Mart for a great selection of LED lighting fixtures!


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