How LED Panel Lights Work

How LED Panel Lights Work

  • ECO LED Staff

LED panel lights are amazing pieces of technology that effectively output a large and steady amount of light while being efficient and quiet. Panel lights, which most often are used in larger office spaces, have a few notable flaws that the LED versions seek to rectify. This article will cover the following:

  • The advantages of LED bulbs
  • How LED panel lights function
  • The best uses for LED panel light

We hope you enjoy this article on how LED panel lights work!

Advantages of LEDs

Over the past few years, the usage rate of LED bulbs has skyrocketed—and there is no secret why. Below are some of the main advantages they provide.

  • Safe Construction: LEDs are constructed will non-toxic materials and no glass. This means that if a bulb breaks, it will not be a huge safety hazard.
  • Constant Light Source: LEDs don’t flicker or produce a buzzing noise like halogen bulbs. They provide high-intensity light perfect for any activity.
  • Fully Controllable: LED bulb circuits are made to be dimmed by the user. In some cases, they’re also made so the user can change their color and hue to match their surroundings or influence the mood of a room.
  • Long Lifespan: These lights have more than 10 times the lifespan of halogen bulbs. This is a major factor in their popularity among consumers.

How LED Panel Lights Work

LED panel ceiling lights are constructed with two different layers. The first layer houses the LED array, which will direct the light onto a diffusing plane. This diffusing plane reflects the light within its own structure to allow for the even distribution of light throughout the whole thing. This layer is encased in clear plastic and is responsible for transmitting the light we can visibly see. It keeps the light-diffusing layer protected from dirt and dust.

Best Uses for LED Panel Lights

Because of their construction, these light panels are best suited for an office environment. They are neat and out of the way, yet functional and bright. Furthermore, they provide a safe alternative to other older lighting sources while bringing many advantages to the table, such as energy efficiency and quiet lighting.

We hope this article has helped you better understand how LED panel lights work and why they are great. If you’re considering installing these types of lights in your home or office, stop by the Eco LED Mart! We have an amazing variety to select from for all your lighting needs.


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