How To Upgrade Your Yard Lighting To LED

How To Upgrade Your Yard Lighting To LED

  • Ashby Maxim

If you’re considering upgrading your yard lighting, LED lights are the best choice for their quality lighting with low costs, extended lifetimes, and substantial energy savings. Switching to LED lighting systems can be done through retrofit kits or an entire system upgrade. Here’s how to upgrade your yard lighting to LED with these two options.   

LED Retrofitting Kits  

LED retrofitting is the process of converting older lighting technology such as halogen and incandescent to LED lighting, allowing you to use the same fixtures for the LED lights.  

Switching to LED lighting in your yard is made simple by LED retrofit kits. Outdoor LED retrofit kits are made for outdoor lighting systems from settings like your backyard to highways and commercial parking lots. These retrofit kits are typically a one-size-fits-all kit that includes brackets, sockets, wiring, screws, and fasteners to adapt your old system to new LED technology.  

Upgrade the Entire System  

Upgrading your entire system requires a new installation of lighting fixtures solely designed for LED lighting.   

Which One Should You Pick?  

Deciding to retrofit or completely upgrade your yard’s lighting system depends on a few components. For one, retrofitting can be a much cheaper option as an entire system upgrade requires purchasing a whole new lighting system as opposed to just the retrofit kit and LED lights, as well as added installation costs. Installing a new system is also much more difficult than simply applying a retrofit kit to your current fixture.   

When upgrading your yard lighting to LED, you should also consider the age of your current system. If the existing system is in good condition, consider retrofitting as a new system would involve getting rid of a perfectly functional system. Although, if the fixture is near the end of its lifespan, it may be best to invest in new LED lighting.   

High-tech features also play a large role in this decision. If you’d like to be able to add mood lighting, dimming options, and network connectivity, a system upgrade may be right for you. Utilizing a retrofit kit will not provide the highest technology that a new LED system can.   

When deciding how to upgrade your yard lighting to LED, consider using a retrofit kit for its cost-saving and easy installation when possible. 


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