The Benefits of Outdoor Hotel Lighting

The Benefits of Outdoor Hotel Lighting

  • Ashby Maxim

Installing outdoor lighting is more than just an aesthetic choice; it can be a way in which customers feel safer at night, while acting as a practical means to keep the property safe. There are several benefits of outdoor hotel lighting that, once implemented, will pay for themselves many times over.

Increased Visibility

Discourages Burglars

One of the most valuable benefits of outdoor hotel lighting is the ability to discourage possible burglaries. It has been shown that intruders feel more emboldened at night due to the lack of visibility, the night aiding in obscuring their view from any victims or passersby. Simply by installing floodlights or commercial LED wall pack lights, a burglar will look for a target where they can more easily conceal themselves.

Prevents Guest Accidents

More than serving as a way to scare off intruders, added lighting would give your guests better visibility during nighttime conditions. More lighting will aid guests that are driving in the parking lot, resulting in a decreased potential for car accidents and collisions. Outdoor lights can also serve to illuminate walkways at night, reducing the possibility of guests tripping on curbs, steps, or ledges.

Lower Insurance Premiums

As a result of the decreased risk factors, such as burglaries, and guest injuries, this will have the effect of lower insurance premiums. Insurance companies will see the steps that you are taking to reduce the risk of accidents and may offer discounts and lower rates.

Increases Your Curb Appeal

With lights placed to highlight the hotel’s features, it will give the property a distinctive and appealing look to potential guests. The lights will make the property pop out from the surrounding areas, acting as a comforting welcome to those looking for a place to stay for the night after a long drive.

Increases Property Value

This increased lighting, not just for accented purposes but for security purposes, will increase the value of the hotel property. Those looking to purchase the property will see the security lights as a well-spent investment that will keep guests and employees alike safe during the night.

A Financially Sound Investment

In the long run, the initial cost of installation will be far outweighed by the benefits that these lights will bring to your property. From a passive security system that reduces the risk of accidents to a method of making your hotel stand out among the nighttime scenery.


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