The Importance of Light in Parking Garages

The Importance of Light in Parking Garages

  • Ashby Maxim

Parking garages offer a convenient way to house vehicles, but without adequate lighting, they will be more of a burden and liability than a convenience. The importance of light in parking garages facilitates safe travel, both on foot and behind the wheel, and ensures that all motorists can enter and leave without delay. Consider what your parking garage’s lighting situation is and be critical of any potential faults and shortcomings.

Increase of Maneuverability

Parking garages are often tight, enclosed spaces where it can be difficult to judge the distance between objects, whether those objects are other vehicles, support pillars, or the edges of a wall. Drivers need to be able to see these obstacles clearly and with the brightest and most even light possible in order to gauge their distance and shape properly.

Increase of Safety

Beyond being able to see oncoming obstacles, vehicle owners will feel a greater degree of safety while walking through your parking garage with better light coverage. Criminals can target vehicle owners in parking garages due to their relatively secluded nature, easy hiding places, and low visibility. This dangerous environment is fostered by a garage’s level of lighting, with evidence showing that the lower the light levels, the higher the probability of criminal activity.

The Operational Benefits of LED Lighting

While lighting in parking garages is significant, what is equally as important is the types of lighting you install. It has been found that LED lights generate much more intense light at a fraction of the energy consumption compared to incandescent and fluorescent light fixtures.

Greater Coverage

With the installation of LED canopy lights, the amount of light covering your parking garage will be smooth and even. LED lights will be able to cover the dark corners that other lights will have a challenge reaching, creating greater visibility throughout the space.

Decrease Cost of Maintenance

While LED bulbs do cost slightly more than their incandescent and fluorescent counterparts, the amount of money your garage will save in the long term is significant. This lower cost is due to the energy efficiency of the lights reducing the electrical cost to keep them on. Lights will need to be on at all times to ensure safe travel in a parking garage, so you will need to consider the benefit of more efficient light fixtures.

For the Benefit of Everyone

Installing lights will improve the safety of vehicle owners in your garage, both in terms of offering them visibility to avoid any driving hazards and scaring off potential criminals. But it can benefit you as well by installing the best lights for the job and potentially decreasing energy costs. Purchasing LEDs will give motorists the light they need while saving you money with ongoing energy costs.


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