Understanding High-Bay Lighting and Its Uses

Understanding High-Bay Lighting and Its Uses

  • Ashby Maxim

Lighting is never a one-size-fits-all solution. Different types of lighting fixtures suit different lighting needs and situations. High-bay lights work well in specific industries and environments. Follow this guide to understanding high-bay lighting and its uses.

What Are High-Bay Lights?

As their name suggests, high-bay lights illuminate spaces with high ceilings. These lights are powerful enough to substantially brighten large rooms with ceilings from 12 to 45 feet tall. High-bay lights typically hang from the ceiling via hooks or chains.

High-Bay Uses

High-bay lights work well in indoor environments with a large surface area and high ceilings. Most high-bay lights are found in warehouses, industrial facilities, and factories. High-bay lights are also useful for gymnasiums, community centers, airports, commercial retail stores, large conference halls, and storage facilities.

Why Use LED High-Bay Lights? 

High-bay LEDs include the same benefits as all other LED lighting applications. Some of the essential benefits include decreased maintenance requirements, improved lighting quality, and energy savings.  

Maintenance considerations are especially important in large industrial or warehouse facilities. Changing burned-out bulbs typically requires a scaffold or hydraulic lift to reach the fixtures. LED lights last longer than traditional lighting solutions, meaning property owners will not have to spend as much time, money, or effort on changing bulbs.

In such large spaces, you need ample light for safety reasons and improved color rendering. LED lights have color rendering abilities to portray objects as they would appear in natural lighting. This can help in manufacturing instances where workers need to see items clearly to stay safe and up-to-speed on the manufacturing floor.

LED lights use significantly less energy than conventional lighting by emitting less heat and using directional light. Commercial building owners spend less on electricity bills and eliminate wasted energy. 

Understanding high-bay lighting and its uses is simple. High-bays are useful in industries with large buildings and high ceilings. If you’re looking to improve your facility’s lighting, consider adding LED high-bay lights indoors, and LED corn bulb lighting from Eco LED Mart outdoors.


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