What Is Linear Lighting and Why You Should Use It

What Is Linear Lighting and Why You Should Use It

  • ECO LED Staff

Linear lighting has quickly become one of the more notable lighting methods to go in fashion recently. This is because linear lighting is typically used in commercial settings due to the wide beam coverage and great efficiency that these types of lights provide. In the case that you are considering installing new lighting, here is what linear lighting is and why you should use it!

What Is Linear Lighting

LED linear lighting refers to the lighting style which places lots of light-emitting diodes together in a long, narrow housing. This results in a strip of high-intensity light that will cover a large area easily and efficiently in a steady stream of light. Some linear lighting features may even come with options for dimmability and changeable hues to make these fixtures even more of a décor booster.

Types of Linear Lighting

As you may expect, many different types of LED linear lighting fixtures are available on the market. Some of the most popular linear lighting configurations include the following:

  • Suspended linear lighting: This is a lighting fixture that is in a suspended position over a table utilizing wires or cables. In some cases, you may be able to raise and lower these lights to influence the level of lighting present.
  • Recessed linear lighting: These lighting systems are more like traditional lighting methods that focus on a more traditional design. In general, these lights are used to accentuate the architecture of any space rather than adding to the décor itself.
  • Panel linear lighting: In some cases, you may find use for a wall panel light. LED linear lighting is perfect for this in that it is a space-saving and stylishly designed light that will fit in with most modern décor.

Why Should You Use LED Linear Lighting

For any space, LED linear lighting will typically provide a much more efficient and higher quality light when compared with other methods, such as halogen bulbs or CFLs. Also, LED light diodes will typically last much longer when compared to the more traditional lighting methods.

We hope this article on what linear lighting is and why you should use it has helped you understand the major benefits that employing this type of lighting in your house can provide. If you are looking to purchase commercial linear LED lighting, be sure to check out the Eco LED Mart. We have an amazing variety of lighting fixtures that are sure to fill your desires for any space.


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