Why Are LED Canopy Lights Used at Gas Stations

Why Are LED Canopy Lights Used at Gas Stations

  • Ashby Maxim

Gas stations are fairly unique in the sense that customers will spend more time outside of the establishment than inside when doing business. Because of this, ensuring that there’s adequate lighting for customers is essential, and LED canopy lights are some of the best fixtures you can install. But why are LED canopy lights used at gas stations? The answers include increased safety, reliability, and efficiency.

Greater Light Coverage

The most immediate benefit of LED canopy light fixtures is that they produce far greater levels of light compared to fluorescent bulbs. The light that LEDs give off isn’t simply brighter; it radiates a cool and even glow across a large area. Some fluorescent fixtures may give off inconsistent lighting or create a harsh glare that’s hard on the eyes.

Improved Safety

With the increase in light levels comes an increase in safety; customers will feel safer when they stop during the night in areas that are fully lit. Greater light levels also tend to lower criminal activity in areas where they’re installed, scaring off potential criminals due to increased visibility.

Energy Efficiency

LED Canopy lights not only produce more light but use up less energy. As mentioned previously, the brightness of a light derives from how many lumens they give off, but how much energy they use comes from their wattage. LEDs can consistently produce 130 lumens per watt, while fluorescent fixtures range wildly from 50 to 100 lumen per watt.

Reduces Monthly Energy Costs

Electricity is one of the regular expenses that you cannot circumvent; you’ll need to pay it no matter what you do. But while you can’t eliminate that expense, LEDs can help lower it. Because of their reduced wattage, LEDs use up less energy, leading to lower operation costs from month to month.

Less Need for Maintenance

You’ll need to consider the long-term, ongoing costs of maintenance (albeit less often than the electricity bill.) Lightbulbs don’t last forever, and you’re going to need a supply of extras when they inevitably burn out. But, when you have LEDs, you won’t have to replace them as often. Their lifespan is by far the longest, at roughly 50,000 hours compared to other bulbs. Fluorescent lights have an expected life of 15,000 hours at most.

Benefits Patrons and You

The reason why LED canopy lights are best for gas stations is due to their brightness, efficiency, and longevity. They provide full and lasting coverage for guests while lowering ongoing electrical costs and reducing the need for frequent replacement. Everyone will benefit from the advantages of LED fixtures.


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