4 Simple Ways To Protect LED Lights From Unexpected Surges

4 Simple Ways To Protect LED Lights From Unexpected Surges

  • ECO LED Staff

In simple terms, an electrical surge is a sudden rush of electricity in electrical circuits. Despite the fact that surges might last as little as a fraction of a second, they can cause significant damage to all electrical appliances and gadgets connected to the circuit. Electrical surges harm LED lights—even the toughest ones like high-power LED stadium lights and LED flood lights. Surges will cause wires and components to overheat, melt, and short circuit, all of which are harmful to LEDs. An LED light may survive for well over 50,000 hours, with some exceeding 100,000 hours, but an electrical surge can shorten its life in a matter of seconds. Here are four simple ways to protect LED lights from unexpected surges.

Don’t Overload on Your Circuits

This is a very common blunder. Always make sure your electronics and appliances are plugged into the correct power outlets for the amount of electricity they demand. Ensure that there aren't too many electronics on the same circuit. Circuit breakers may cut electricity to a circuit if it becomes overloaded, but the surge that triggers the breaker may have already damaged your LED lights irreversibly.

Choose the Right Surge Protectors

Surge protectors aren't all made to work with all sorts of lights and appliances. The surge protector you use for your LED flood lights, for example, may not be compatible with your air conditioner or refrigerator, and vice versa. Filters or regulators are included in certain surge protection systems to help deal with dirty electricity.

Replace Your Surge Protectors Regularly

Surge protectors aren't indestructible. Every two years, it's a good idea to replace your surge protectors. One significant surge could be enough to deactivate your protection, so be prepared to replace them, especially after a known large surge. Surge protectors will be worn out by many little surges, and they may not be able to safeguard your LED parking lot lights when you need them.

Choose LED Lights With Built-In Surge Protection

Some manufacturers feature built-in surge protection in several of their LED drivers. Surge protection is also included into some corn bulbs. Purchase your LED lights from a company that prioritizes surge protection, whether it's LED lights with built-in surge protection or simple surge protection choices that can be used with their LED lights.

We hope our article on the four simple ways to protect LED lights from unexpected surges has given you the knowledge you need to protect your lighting systems. If you are looking for a new commercial LED lighting supplier, be sure to reach out to Eco LED Mart!


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