Reasons Your Warehouse Should Use LED High Bay Lights

Reasons Your Warehouse Should Use LED High Bay Lights

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In most cases, metal plates are wrapped around all vertical steel columns except where the doors are located in modern warehouses. These doors are erected using a construction technique in which steel frame buildings are used, and metal plates are wrapped around all vertical steel columns except where the doors are located. The warehouse's vertical height might range from a few meters to more than 20 meters, and its size can be anywhere from a few meters to several hundred meters. Certain portions of the warehouse, however, must be artificially illuminated due to the warehouse's combination of high shelving units and tight lanes, which can disrupt and restrict natural light flow. Here are some of the major reasons why your warehouse should use LED high-bay lights!

Requirements for Warehouse Lighting

If employees invest in and install appropriate and proper illuminants, they will be able to do their visual tasks accurately and successfully in a warehouse setting. According to OSHA workplace lighting requirements, the minimum illumination level for warehouses is 10 ft-c (foot-candles). The lux level in the warehouse loading bay must be 30–40 ft-c, whereas the lux level in the warehouse aisles must be 10–20 ft-c. Furthermore, when it comes to choosing lighting fixtures for warehouses, color, endurance, durability, non-toxicity, and excellent heat dissipation are typically prioritized.

Almost all warehouse lighting requirements are met by LED High Bay Light Fixtures. Furthermore, contractors prefer LED lighting since it saves them money on maintenance and electricity. Here are several examples. Here are seven reasons to use LED high bays for warehouse lighting.

Cold Lighting Source

LEDs are often used as a source of cold illumination. Unlike traditional luminaires, LEDs do not produce heat when turned on. Because LEDs save up to 20% on energy expenses, they help to reduce the use and need for air conditioning. Similarly, compared to traditional metal halides, cold LED lighting fixtures are a considerably safer option.


The LED high bay lights are sturdy and do not degrade over time due to their heavy-duty construction. The Lepro high bay lights, for example, are IK07-impact-resistant. The light can withstand the shock of a 0.5kg mass dropped from a height of 400mm thanks to the premium-grade die-cast housing and sturdy glass. To improve dependability and service life, this lamp is also developed with an excellent and productive heat dissipation structure.

Energy Efficiency

LED high bay light fixtures use less energy to produce the same amount of lumens as fluorescent high bay light fixtures. As a result, choosing LEDs versus metal halide or fluorescent lamps means spending less money on electricity. For example, the Lepro LED high bay lights have a high luminous efficiency of 135lm/w, which reduces the electric expenditure by 60%.

Light Uniformity

LEDs boost light homogeneity by 8% over traditional light sources, according to our research. When you turn on the LEDs, you get the full lumen output right away. There is no such thing as a delay, and the lights never flicker or fail. You will not have any problems with the light output no matter how many times you turn the LEDs on and off. Every LED chip in an LED array, on the other hand, has a pointed intensity, which can cause glare or make the workspace exceedingly bright. This can be an issue if workers are obliged to look upwards into the luminaire's face. For example, fork truck drivers may encounter difficulties when stacking the taller shelves. As a result, lighting designers must choose between higher efficacy and visual comfort.

Long-Lasting Lighting Choice

The long lifespan of LEDs is one of their primary selling points. These LED bulbs survive a long time because they don't have filaments, moving parts, or high-temperature exposure. An LED's hourly range is 35000 to 50000 hours on average. In comparison, fluorescent lights endure between 24000 and 36000 hours, whereas halogen bulbs last between 2000 and 4000 hours. When you consider the enormous disparities in total cost, it's easy to see why so many people are ready to pay a higher price for a bulb that lasts longer and is more reliable.

Improved Environmental Performance

It is becoming increasingly crucial for businesses to be environmentally conscious. Customers are increasingly looking for environmentally responsible solutions, and employing an ecologically friendly light source may help businesses save money on electricity while also appealing to a socially conscious audience. The advantages of LED illumination extend to the production process as well. Mercury is used internally in the creation of several classic lighting sources, such as fluorescent lighting and mercury vapor lamps. As a result, particular care is required when they near the end of their lives. With LED lights, you won't have to worry about any of these concerns.

Great Operation in Cold Conditions

Cold weather is not kind to traditional warehouse lighting sources. Lighting sources, notably fluorescent spotlights, require a higher voltage to start when the temperature drops, and the intensity of their light diminishes. LED lights, on the other hand, perform around 5% better in cold conditions. LED lights are therefore a superior alternative for lighting in freezers, meat lockers, cold storage rooms, and refrigerated display cases. Their ability to work so well in cold weather makes them ideal for parking lot lights, building perimeter lighting, and outdoor signage lighting—not to mention warehouse lighting.

Is LED Lighting the Best Long-Term Option?

Many individuals underestimate the cost of warehouse lighting in the long run. The truth is that the initial expense of purchasing and installing a lighting system will pale in comparison to the electricity bills you'll be paying in the following years or decades. So, if you plan to keep your warehouse open for a long period, go with the most energy-efficient option available as long as it doesn't compromise other aspects of the warehouse lighting design. In most circumstances, LED warehouse lighting is the most cost-effective way to get the most light for the least amount of money!

We hope you have enjoyed our article on the major reasons why your warehouse should use LED high bay lights! LED lights are an excellent choice for warehouse lighting, whether you want to save money or improve the lighting environment. LED high bay lighting solutions are a game-changer that may make or break a business. Its versatility, durability, performance, and ease of installation make it one of the most popular lighting options for warehouses. If you are looking to buy linear high bay LED lights, be sure to reach out to Eco LED Mart today!

Reasons Your Warehouse Should Use LED High Bay Lights


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