Actionable Ways To Save Energy at School

Actionable Ways To Save Energy at School

  • Ashby Maxim

Schools use large amounts of energy during the day, and most of it goes unused. This means that schools are wasting more than just energy—they’re wasting money, too. Thankfully, there are several actionable ways to save energy at school to reduce the amount of monthly spending on energy consumption rather than learning resources.  

Replace Lighting with LED Fixtures 

The first step in reducing in-school energy consumption is to replace old incandescent bulbs with LED lights. Lights such as LED linear high bay fixtures can reduce energy usage by up to 75%.  

LED bulbs also eliminate costly warm-up times to reach full capacity and have a much longer lifespan, making them even more energy and cost-efficient.  

Install Light Sensors 

How many times have you walked down a school hallway and noticed lights on in empty rooms? This is a major source of wasted energy in schools. Light sensors will turn lights off if they have detected no movement in the area for an extended period. Once installed, you'll no longer have to rely on students and staff to remember to turn lights on and off.  

Rely on Natural Lighting 

While it’s not always possible, one actionable way to save energy at school is to promote the use of natural light. For classrooms with large windows, encourage teachers to use less indoor lighting and open the blinds to the windows. Natural lighting improves our overall mood and productivity as well, helping students and your budget at the same time.  

Upgrade the Bathrooms 

Bathrooms are a large source of wasted energy in schools since they are not monitored the way classrooms are. Installing light sensors, replacing paper towels with energy-efficient hand dryers, and installing automatic sinks and toilets can help further reduce waste.  

Upgrading your school's lighting to automatic LEDs, relying on natural light, and upgrading the bathrooms are a few of the best ways to save energy and money in your school. 


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