How To Design an Outdoor Lighting System

How To Design an Outdoor Lighting System

  • Ashby Maxim

Outdoor lighting systems can improve your home’s security, ambiance, functionality, and beauty. You don’t have to be an expert to know how to design an outdoor lighting system either. Here are a few tips to make your lighting dreams a reality.   

Lay It All Out  

The first step in creating your lighting system is to create a blueprint for the project. Walk your property in the daylight and at night to envision which areas of your back or front yard would benefit from a lighting system. At night, bring a flashlight and illuminate different features such as trees or pathways.  

Once you have a feel for where you’d like to place everything, create a paper diagram that you can reference throughout your system build.   

Select Your Fixtures  

The type of fixtures you choose will have a big impact on the ambiance of your outdoor space. For example, wall lights, such as the LED wall packs for sale at Eco LED Mart, are a great option for lighting up a pathway near the side of your house or illuminating the landscape below. Cooler lights, on the other hand, may be a good fit for a firepit scenery.   

Spacing and Wattage  

Spacing and wattage go hand in hand when determining how to design an outdoor lighting system. The number of watts you need will depend on the number of lights you plan to install, as well as how spaced out they are. You won’t want to waste energy and money buying too many lights for a small space or using more wattage than necessary.   

Pay close attention to the wattages available when considering how much space the selected lighting type can illuminate. This will help you properly distance fixtures from one another.   

The Final Steps  

If you plan to use just one transformer for all your lights, you’ll need to make sure you can still lay them all out as planned. You should always add extra space for wire runs should so you can continue to modify your outdoor lighting system as your yard changes. 


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