How Long Do LED Tube Lights Typically Last?

How Long Do LED Tube Lights Typically Last?

  • ECO LED Staff

When considering whether to purchase a particular form of lighting, the life hours of a light bulb might be a crucial aspect. Depending on the bulb, you can conserve life hours or life expectancy with various methods. How long do LED tube lights typically last? Read on to find out.

An LED’s Lifespan Depends on Usage

The location, application, current, temperature, frequency of use, and even how you use an LED light can all affect the bulb's lifespan. Thus, while manufacturers often include an estimated life on the package, you shouldn’t consider this as a precise assessment. In reality, planned obsolescence is the only way for an LED light manufacturer to know the exact lifespan of each bulb, independent of use. Rather than attempting to pinpoint a specific lifespan, the manufacturer provides an estimate based on usual usage. The LED light will likely survive a little longer than the estimate if you use it at the same frequency and under similar conditions. But any significant differences in frequency or circumstance can raise or decrease the bulb's life.

Minimizing Exposure To Heat

LED lights, like other electronic gadgets, are subject to high heat. Manufacturers design them for use at room temperature, which is between 65 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. But they can also function in a garage, shed, or outside. But most LED lights actually work best when the temperature is below 75 degrees. When the semiconducting element within the LED bulb becomes exposed to intense heat, its temperature rises, hastening the diode's breakdown rate. Contrary to popular perception, extreme cold doesn’t shorten the life of an LED, though. Cool temperatures help keep the semiconducting element at a moderate temperature, increasing the LED's life and making it a good choice for colder areas.

Turning LED Lights Off When Not in Use

While LED light bulbs have a far longer lifespan than incandescent bulbs, it's still a good idea to switch off most indoor lights before going to bed and turn off outdoor lights in the morning. This may seem like a no-brainer, but simply turning off the lights when you don’t need them will extend their life. After all, every second the light remains on reduces its overall life. So it only makes sense to save the light for when you actually need it.

We hope this article has helped you understand how long LED tube lights typically last. If you’re looking to install linear LED light fixtures to improve your house’s look and functionality, be sure to reach out to Eco LED Mart! We have a great selection of lighting fixtures to ensure we’re your one-stop shop for everything lighting!


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