LED Lighting Terms Everyone Needs To Know

LED Lighting Terms Everyone Needs To Know

  • ECO LED Staff

The deluge of foreign lingo and acronyms on LED data sheets can leave many consumers perplexed. They're unfamiliar with all the figures and flamboyant buzzwords. Here are some of the most important LED lighting terms that everyone should know!


When LEDs are manufactured, they get sorted into bins based on color and overall lumen output. To maintain brightness and color consistency, some manufacturers limit the type of LEDs used in the bulb array to a specified range of bins that are closest together. Manufacturers of fixtures or bulbs that meet this condition may indicate that the LED has been binned.

Warm Dim

The color temperature of an incandescent bulb changes to a warmer tone when it is dimmed. At the lowest settings, the filament burns a deep orange and emits very little light. The color temperature of LEDs is maintained all the way down to the dimming cutoff point. Many people prefer the warmth of a dimmed incandescent light, so LEDs mimic the color tone change as it dims. Red and amber LEDs, as well as other control technology within the bulb, are used to create this look.


One of the most important metrics is bulb efficacy. It measures the lamp's brightness in relation to its power consumption. This is significant because it demonstrates how much energy you save by using LED lighting. This statistic is usually written as "lumens per watt," "LPW," or "lm/W” and it indicates how much light you get from your bulb for the amount of energy used. The higher the LPW, the less energy is used to produce the same quantity of light. As a result, your monthly electric bill will be lower. It's one of the most effective ways to compare bulb efficiency.

With all the complexity that permeates throughout the scenes of LED sales floors, we hope that this guide has served its purpose of educating you on the most important LED lighting terms everyone needs to know! If you’re looking for any type of led lighting—whether it’s indoor floodlighting or outdoor LED wall packs—we have an amazing selection. Contact us to achieve all of your lighting goals!


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