How To Choose LED Flood Lights

How To Choose LED Flood Lights

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LED flood lights are a form of LED commercial light fixtures that are used to illuminate large areas with a wide-angle of light. LED flood lights are commonly used in outdoor spaces for security or maximum light for building facades and parks, or large indoor spaces like warehouses or garages. LED flood lights have various shapes, sizes, and other characteristics that vary based on the task they will be used for. Here are a few characteristics and features to consider when determining how to choose LED flood lights for your space.   


Lumens measure the amount of light your LED flood lights will produce. The more lumens your flood lights have, the brighter they will be. If you are using flood lights to simply light a walkway to your building, lower lumens will be needed than the high beams required for security measures.  


Instead of measuring how much light the bulbs put out, wattage measures the amount of energy used. LED lights use less energy than traditional bulbs, and lower wattages save you money on your monthly electric bill.   

Location and Beam Angle  

Determine where you will want your LED flood lights to be placed to then assist in deciding what beam angle you will need. Note if you would like the LED flood lights to be placed on the wall, the ground, or even the ceiling of your building. Next, use this information to decide on a beam angle. If you’d like the flood lights to cover the entirety of the space, you will need a wider beam angle. If you would like the LED lights to cover only a specific space where they have been placed, a lower beam angle will suffice.

Color Temperature  

The color temperature is the color of the light your LED lights give off. Color temperature is measured by Kelvins. The higher the Kelvin is, the whiter the light will be. Color can play a vital role in lighting your space, depending on what you would like to illuminate.   

Detection Angle  

For motion LED flood lights, the detection angle is imperative. Some LED flood lights will only work when someone is directly in front of the light, whereas others can detect movement on the sides of the light as well. The level of detection you wish to have will determine what kind of LED flood lights you will need.   

Many considerations go into how to choose LED flood lights that are right for your space. Consider what you need your flood lights to accomplish; then, you can decide what features are best for you.


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