Why You Should Upgrade Your Office Lighting To LED

Why You Should Upgrade Your Office Lighting To LED

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Fluorescent lighting can be bad for your office’s energy and monthly bills. Switching to LED lighting offers many benefits worth making the change. Monthly savings, energy efficiency, and increased worker productivity are a few of the reasons why you should upgrade your office lighting to LED.  

Energy Efficiency 

LED lighting drastically reduces your energy consumption. LED lights use less energy per watt and use reduced amounts of heat compared to fluorescent lights. The energy efficiency of LEDs will result in big savings on your monthly energy bill and improve your corporate image by showing that your office is taking steps towards eco-friendly practices.  

Color Quality 

The color output of LED lights is very similar to the output of natural sunlight, unlike fluorescent lights which can transmit green or purple color hues. The directional lighting of LED bulbs also provides better lighting of work surfaces compared to the diffused lighting fluorescent bulbs provide. The improvements LED lighting makes in an office will create a more productive workspace. LED lights keep workers alert and awake throughout the day, increasing their overall mental cognition.   


Another great reason for switching to commercial LED light bulbs is the opportunity to get paid for making the switch. Local power companies often offer rebates for switching to LED lighting, as LED lighting helps electric companies provide your saved power usage to new customers, as well as preventing the need to buy a new and costly power plant. 


LED bulbs can last for more than 10 years. Using LED bulbs will save you money on the replacement bulbs and maintenance costs it takes to replace them due to their increased longevity.  

LED commercial bulbs are extremely beneficial to office spaces. LED lights reduce monthly energy costs and usage, improve color quality and productivity, are often accompanied by rebates, and have increased periods of longevity. These are just some of the many reasons why you should upgrade your office lighting to LED. 


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