Industries That Should Consider Outdoor Lighting

Industries That Should Consider Outdoor Lighting

  • Ashby Maxim

During nighttime hours, the need for adequate lighting is a necessity to provide safety for the community. Without that lighting, accidents can occur, and the likelihood of criminal activity increases. But there are several industries that should consider outdoor lighting—industries that can gain the most benefit from safe and complete lighting coverage for their workers, their clientele, or for the community at large.

Beyond the general safety and well-being of others, lighting can also aid your business in a number of ways to attract more potential customers. Consider the multitude of reasons to install adequate outdoor lighting and which industries benefit the most from their installation.

Educational Facilities

Places of education—whether they be high schools, colleges, or universities—will benefit greatly from an increase in their outdoor lighting system. There will always be students, staff, or faculty members who are present on campus at all hours of the day. Some may have to teach or attend classes at night, while others need to perform maintenance or security checks to make sure nothing is amiss. But at the end of their daily responsibilities, they’ll need to travel outside in order to return to their vehicles or their dormitories.

How Lighting Increases Safety

At night, multiple things can happen to those returning from class. For instance, tripping hazards, sloped terrain, or even threats from aggressors could all be possibilities. Having an expanded system of lights can cover more ground at night to give your students, staff, and faculty a safer walk to wherever they need to go, offering a form of passive protection from potential threats.

Criminal activity—whether it’s assault, robbery, or something else—is more prone to happen at night when the perpetrators believe the lack of lighting conceals their identity and crime. When an area has an increase of lights, the number and severity of crimes have been proven to decrease.

How Lighting Encourages More Patronship

When potential students visit your campus, they will notice the measures you have put in place to guarantee their continued safety. It encourages them to invest their time and tuition into your college because they know they can trust your institution. Conversely, if they see the safety measures are lacking or non-existent, then they will look elsewhere.

Students are always looking for the best institutions with the best facilities, and their nighttime security plays a huge role in that decision. This security can be achieved by simply installing outdoor LED floodlight fixtures to make students feel safe and comfortable on their nighttime walks to and from class.


The local government has a responsibility to the community to ensure the continued safety of its citizens. Without safety measures in place, going out after dark can be a dangerous experience where community members can be the target of muggings. A lack of light coverage can also result in an increase in traffic accidents related to reduced visibility at night.

The Safety Benefits of Increased Lighting

As it is with college campuses, the more lighting that you have, the safer it will be for those using your pathways. Municipalities have the added responsibility of considering motorists when planning out these safety measures.

The more light sources you have, the more drivers will be able to see their surroundings. They can react accordingly to oncoming hazards and potentially dangerous situations.

The Public Trust

The public will notice when the local government steps in to increase their standard of living; one of those factors includes public safety. The safer that the government makes an area will also make the town more notable and the residents happier.

Increased security at night can encourage a growing nightlife where people are not cautious about leaving their homes after the sun goes down. It can fuel the local economy and increase the traffic of local businesses.

Shopping Centers

One of the industries that should consider outdoor lighting the most is shopping centers. Whether they be malls, strip malls, or just individual businesses, they need to think about the safety of their customers before they enter and after they leave the store.

Unfortunately, the threat of robbery and other criminal activity is a common threat at night. The seriousness of crime—and, unfortunately, how common it is—must be emphasized. Some crimes can happen in locations where people regularly leave with potentially expensive merchandise—such as a store. Therefore, good lighting to help put a stop to crime becomes all the more vital.

Safety Benefits of Increased Lighting

With shopping centers comes the added responsibility of large parking lots. When vehicles are so concentrated, the likelihood of collisions happening increases. Patrons will need to see where they are going in order to pull into a parking spot, pull out, and drive without incident. If the entire area is poorly lit, then sideswipes and crashes are far more likely to occur.

Business Advantages of More Lighting

While lights are primarily a safety measure, they can also act as a way to advertise your business at night. Lights can help your establishment stand out in the darkness and can let people passing by know that you are still open.

While the lights allow people to see your business, it will also encourage them to stop by if they need to pick some things up. Lights are comforting at night and will make your customers feel welcome and safe.

The Best Lights To Install

There are many lights that businesses and industries can use to increase the safety of their patrons and the visibility of their buildings. However, when taking into consideration what the best light source would be, there are none that can compete with LED fixtures.

LEDs offer greater light intensity with far less energy consumption and is beneficial to patrons and business owners alike. The improved lighting will keep people safe while they’re outside, whether they’re leaving a store, circling the neighborhood, or leaving class. At the same time, the decrease in the use of energy will reduce the electricity bill for the owners of the property.

Know what your property needs and get the best materials possible for the best results.

Industries That Should Consider Outdoor Lighting


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