The Advantages of Using LED Lights at Your Gas Station

The Advantages of Using LED Lights at Your Gas Station

  • ECO LED Staff

Lighting—while it only truly comes into play at night—is a crucial part of facilitating business at any gas station. The advantages of using LED lights at your gas station can mean more business, satisfied customers, and distinguishing your station among the other rest stops in the area. Consider these benefits and see how you can implement more LED lighting in the design of your station.

Greater Illumination

The first and most readily apparent benefit is that there’s far greater illumination. LEDs generate far more light than fluorescent bulbs and incandescent light sources, giving your station a greater degree of visibility.

Better Security

This improved lighting brings with it a passive way to increase your station’s security. Potential criminals are more likely to target poorly lit establishments to try and hide their criminal activities. With better lighting, an establishment can have clearer security footage to identify criminals. Witness accounts could also be made easier with good illumination.

Stand Out Among the Night

Increased lighting also serves as a way for potential customers to find you late at night. If your station has poor or inadequate lighting, then your business may go unnoticed, or passersby may think your store is closed. Brighter lights let everyone know you’re open for business, and it telegraphs that statement at larger distances.

More Cost-Effective

If your station is open 24 hours a day, then you may need to be running lights about eight to ten hours a day. The electricity bill will add up and cut into the profits of your station. If you only have incandescent or fluorescent bulbs, switching them out with LED module lights can increase their light output while decreasing their energy consumption.

More Light, Less Expense

Due to their design, LED lights use up far less energy than older bulbs while giving off far more light. The initial cost to convert the lighting may be higher, but in the long-term, you will save more than you spend. Since LEDs are so efficient, they’re definitely the way to go.

Less Maintenance

While LEDs are more energy-efficient and brighter than most bulbs, they also have a far longer lifespan. They last for roughly 50,000 hours, which is about three times longer than fluorescent lights and five times longer than incandescent bulbs. This results in less time and money spent replacing them.

Evaluate Your Current System

Look at how your current lighting system is functioning as see how it can benefit from using LED lights at your gas station. Consider how the new lights will affect customers, business, and upkeep costs.


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