Tips for Calculating How Much Light a Room Needs

Tips for Calculating How Much Light a Room Needs

  • ECO LED Staff

When designing a room, one of the major things that most people focus on is the level of lighting throughout the space. Often, lighting is the key to completing a well-thought-out décor style, as it tends to accentuate the design pieces you have chosen for the area. As such, it is imperative to understand how to know what level of light you need for a given space. Here are some amazing tips for calculating how much light a room needs!

Calculate the Square Feet of the Room

One of the first things anyone should look into when calculating how much light a space requires is the room's size. The amount of light your room uses is determined by its size. To get the square footage, multiply the length of the room by the breadth. Let's say the bathroom you're working on is 8 feet long and 8 feet broad. Using the above calculation, the bathroom will have a total area of 64 square feet.

Determine the Foot Candle Factor by the Room Type

Depending on how the rooms are utilized, they require varying quantities of light. Using a foot candle can give you a decent indication of how bright a room should be, whether you're lighting it for task work or for atmosphere. The quantity of lumens cast on one square foot is specified as a foot candle. The information below illustrates approximate light intensity ranges in foot candles.

Establish the Needed Amount of Lumens

A light source's brightness, or the amount of light output per second, is measured in lumens. Simply multiply the square footage of your room by the number of foot candles required for the space to calculate the number of lumens required. For a 64-square-foot bathroom with a foot candle range of 70 to 80, you'll need between 4480 to 5120 lumens.

We hope this article has given you some great tips for calculating how much light a room needs. If you are looking to install anything from LED light panels to LED street lamps, be sure to visit Eco LED Mart. We have an amazing selection of lighting products to ensure that you can find exactly what you need!


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