Wall Packs vs Flood Lights: 6 Key Differences

Wall Packs vs Flood Lights: 6 Key Differences

  • ECO LED Staff

LED Wall packs and flood lights are both popular options for outdoor lighting, providing bright illumination to various outdoor spaces.  They are certainly different but do overlap in some ways, which might cause some confusion for people shopping for commercial lighting.

They both offer high intensity lighting that can be configured to cover multiple beam spreads.  However the obvious difference is that wall packs are designed to be installed specifically on the wall while flood lights can be mounted in a variety of ways.

With that being said, there is more to these two types of outdoor commercial light fixtures than just mounting options.  In this article, we’ll explore the 6 key differences between the two and help you make an informed decision when shopping for wall packs and flood lights.

Wall Packs are designed specifically for building exteriors

Wall packs are outdoor light fixtures that are specifically designed for building exteriors. Their compact design and flush mounting make them a more visually appealing option for illuminating the exterior of a building.

Flood lights on the other hand are not designed to be wall mounted out of the box.  They do come with a wall mounting bracket, but this bracket extends out, and makes the flood light extend out from the wall surface.

As a result, flood lights appear bulky and less attractive when mounted on walls, while wall packs seamlessly blend in with the architecture.

Another key advantage of wall packs is their ability to project light downward onto the building wall.  Because they are mounted flush, the light lenses are able to project directly downward and illuminate the wall to provide this wall washing effect.

This is particularly important when using full cutoff LED wall packs, which have a focused beam pattern that minimizes light spillage and reduces light pollution. By directing the light downwards, wall packs are able to effectively highlight the vertical surfaces of the building, enhancing its architectural details and creating a visually appealing look.

Wall Packs are not available in High wattage

One key point to note is that wall packs are not typically available in high wattage options. These fixtures are designed for specific use cases such as illuminating pathways, building walls, and sidewalks. The light output required for these applications does not typically warrant a high wattage fixture.

For example, a quick look into our product offerings here at ECO LED Mart will show that our highest wattage LED Wall pack is 120W, while our highest wattage offered for flood lights is at 300 watts. 


While we, at ECO LED, focus on commercial lighting, other manufacturers who offer higher industrial lighting can have flood lights at even higher wattage.

However, even those manufacturers only offer wattage at 150w or less. 

Wall Packs are better at minimizing light pollution

Wall packs offer significant advantages over flood lights when it comes to minimizing light pollution. The installation of wall packs flush against the wall naturally reduces backlight, which is a major source of light pollution. Additionally, wall packs excel at minimizing other types of light pollution, such as uplight and forward light.

Wall packs are available in semi cutoff designs that provide forward throw projections while blocking out any uplight. This design feature ensures that the light is directed downwards and does not contribute to light pollution. Furthermore, wall packs also offer full cutoff options that greatly minimize glare. Glare not only causes discomfort to individuals but also contributes to light pollution.

These features result in wall packs achieving excellent BUG (Backlight, Uplight, and Glare) rating scores that meet light pollution standards. The focused beam pattern and downward light projection of wall packs ensure that the light is efficiently utilized without causing unnecessary dispersion.

On the other hand, flood lights lack the same level of light pollution control as wall packs. Due to their flexibility and versatility, flood lights can be installed in various places, angles, and projections, which can increase backlight, uplight, and glare. As a result, flood lights generally have poor BUG ratings and may not adhere to light pollution standards.

Flood lights can be mounted in a variety of places

Flood lights offer the advantage of being able to be mounted in a variety of places, making them versatile lighting options for various applications. With different mounting options available, flood lights can be easily installed in different locations to meet specific lighting requirements.

Flood lights often ship with one or two of the following mounting options

  • Knuckle mount
  • Yoke Mount
  • Slip Fitter

 Knuckle mounts are used on smaller LED flood lights.  They are designed to be installed on the junction box, while the knuckle allows for different aiming angles.

Slip fitters allow the flood light to be mounted on poles at a high point but it also allows the flood light to be ground mounted and aimed at higher points, like a building wall, a sign or a billboard.

A yoke mount or a trunnion mount allows the flood light to be installed on a surface and its the mounting option that gives the flood light the ability to be installed on building walls as an alternative to an LED Wall pack.

The possibilities for flood lights are seemingly endless with the numerous mounting options and the flexibility of aiming at different angles.  It’s apparent that the intended use for flood lights is more about choice and flexibility as opposed to the restricted use of LED wall packs.

Flood Lights allow for angle adjustability

Flood lights offer the advantage of angle adjustability, allowing users to easily project light in a variety of directions even after installation. This feature is especially useful when it comes to meeting specific light distribution standards or catering to individual lighting needs.

Unlike wall packs, which can only project light in a specific direction based on how they are installed, flood lights offer versatility in terms of angling the light source. This adjustability allows for precise positioning and targeting of light, making flood lights the ideal choice for various applications.

Whether it's illuminating outdoor spaces, highlighting business signage, or providing security lighting, flood lights can be easily adjusted to achieve the desired light distribution. This flexibility not only enhances the overall aesthetics of the space but also ensures optimal visibility and safety.

Additionally, the ability to adjust angles means that flood lights can cater to changing lighting requirements over time. As lighting needs change for a given building or projects, flood lights can be repositioned to effectively meet new demands without the need for additional fixtures or installations.

 Flood Lights are designed to be used in a variety of use cases

Flood lights are designed to be used in a wide range of applications, thanks to their mounting options, angle adjustability, and variety of products with different wattages.

Here are some of the many use cases where flood lights excel:

  1. Outdoor Lighting: Flood lights are commonly used to illuminate outdoor spaces such as large gardens, sports fields, and parking lots. Their wide beam angle ensures even coverage over a wide area.
  2. Security Lighting: Flood lights with motion sensors are ideal for providing security lighting around homes, commercial properties, and garages. They can be strategically positioned to illuminate entrances, driveways, and dark corners, deterring potential intruders.
  3. Landscape Lighting: Used to highlight architectural features, trees, shrubs, and water features, flood lights add a dramatic and visually appealing effect to outdoor landscapes.
  4. Signage Illumination: Flood lights are perfect for showcasing signs and billboards, making them easily visible even during nighttime hours. Their adjustable angles allow for precise lighting of specific sections.
  5. Construction Sites: Flood lights provide sufficient illumination for construction sites, ensuring safety and productivity during nighttime work.
  6. Event Lighting: Flood lights are frequently employed for lighting up outdoor events like concerts, festivals, and weddings, creating a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere. 

Overall, flood lights offer versatility, adaptability, and excellent light distribution across a wide range of applications, making them an ideal lighting solution for various needs.

When should you purchase Wall packs vs Flood Lights?

When deciding between purchasing wall packs or flood lights, it is important to consider the specific requirements of your outdoor lighting project. Wall packs are specifically designed to be mounted on the exterior walls of buildings.

They are the ideal choice for projects that necessitate fixtures on the wall, such as accent lighting for building exteriors or entryway lighting. Wall packs also allow the given project to meet the desired lighting standards. 

Each project must meet some standards as far as total illumination, and the minimizing of unwanted illumination where it’s not needed.  Given the fact that the lighting of wall packs are predictable, it’s a lot easier to plan a project around these fixtures.  The flexibility of flood lights on the other hand, make them unpredictable

On the other hand, flood lights offer more flexibility which renders them unpredictable and therefore unable to meet certain requirements.

While they can also be mounted on walls, some of their best use cases are for various one-off scenarios where a specific light fixture is not available.

Flood lights are suitable for outdoor spaces that do not have a clearly defined light fixture and require wide coverage. They are also ideal for projects that need multiple high output light fixtures aiming at different angles.  This is what makes them the perfect fixtures for large stadiums and arenas. As the combination of multiple flood lights can fill up a large space and offer perfect illumination at night.


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