What LED Corn Bulbs Are Used For?

What LED Corn Bulbs Are Used For?

  • Ashby Maxim

LED corn bulbs are a newer conception of the classic LED design that provides a high-efficiency, high-luminosity system. This system offers excellent coverage and throw while without any tradeoffs. Even with all of their upsides, many people don’t know what they are and what they’re used for. If you’re one of the people who wish to learn more, read what led corn bulbs are used for in this article.

What Are Corn Bulbs?

LED Corn bulbs are aptly named; they resemble corn on the cob. They have lines of diodes covering all sides of the tube, which contains the wiring for each bulb. While the number of diodes may vary with different bulbs, average-sized bulbs have anywhere from 80 to 108 lights.

What Are They Used For

These lightbulbs are extremely bright. Because of this, they’re mainly used in the substitution of HID lamps and metal halide bulbs. As such, these bulbs are perfect for any activity where a large array of lighting is needed. Because of their structure, LED corn bulbs are most likely to be used in such applications as streetlamps, parking lots, and high bay lighting. Many industrial contractors are switching to these lightbulbs due to their extreme efficiency while still maintaining a very bright atmosphere.

What Benefits Do They Provide?

LED corn bulbs have become so popular in recent years due to a few factors, such as ease of installation. In most cases, all it takes is the right kind of socket, and then you simply screw the lightbulb in. Other reasons they’re so popular include the amount of light they output, their power efficiency, and their lifespan, which is guaranteed at 25 years.

We hope this article has helped you understand what LED corn bulbs are used for and why they’re popular. If you’re searching for a large selection of led corn lights for sale, look no further than Eco LED Mart. We have one of the most extensive selections of everything LED!


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