Debunking Myths About Led Streetlights

Debunking Myths About Led Streetlights

  • Ashby Maxim

LED streetlights are very popular amongst city planners and neighborhoods alike—however, they’ve come under attack by a stream of misinformation. To help you get your facts about them straight, we’ll be debunking the common myths surrounding LED streetlights.

LED Streetlights Are More Harmful To Humans and Animals

LED streetlights are no more harmful to humans than other kinds of streetlights. The focus of this myth isn’t the type of light source, but rather the wavelength of light that LED light produces. While studies have shown the blue light emitted from LED lights can be harmful to eyesight, the amount of blue light emission they cause is minuscule, even compared to things like a cell phone or TV.

Short-Wavelength Is Harmful To All Life

Unlike what this myth supposes, short-wavelength light is a fundamental component of natural phenomenon. Short-wavelength light is responsible for regulating your circadian rhythms and is directly tied to the production of chemicals such as melatonin. Moreover, short wavelengths of light don’t help or hurt plant life in any way. So, in short: no, it isn’t harmful to any life whatsoever.

Communities Benefit More From Conventional Street Lighting

For a while, the most prominent street lighting method seen across the United States used high-pressure sodium technology. These bulbs emit dim orange light and have a higher life expectancy than average incandescent bulbs. However, next to modern LED streetlamp technology, they pale in comparison. LEDs last a lot longer and provide more efficient energy usage and intensity control. Because of these factors, cities realized switched to LEDs en masse.

We hope this article has helped debunked the more major myths surrounding LED streetlights. Many people are starting to catch on to the amazing abilities that LED lighting offers. If you or someone you know is looking to install LED lighting of any kind, look to the Eco LED Mart for the largest selection of industrial and commercial LED lighting products at a discount price.


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