Why You Should Use LED Lighting for Your Commercial Business

Why You Should Use LED Lighting for Your Commercial Business

  • Ashby Maxim

LED lights have revolutionized the lighting industry—not only for the regular US population but also for the entire world. LED lights provide a safe alternative to dangerous kerosene lamps in the developing world. A good portion of this increased use is due to the steadily improving standards of safety and simplicity that these LEDs employ. Commercial businesses and residences alike are seeing the efficiency and safety that LED lights provide, flocking to this technology to light their homes, parking areas, and facilities. While there are seemingly endless reasons why you should use LED lighting for your commercial business, here are some reasons why their use is so beneficial to you.

LED Lights Last Much Longer Than Incandescent and Fluorescent Bulbs

One of the most notable features of LED lights is their expected lifetime. Because LED lights utilize a gas contained within a diode to produce light, this means that they have no working or moving parts. Furthermore, there are no filaments or wiring that can wear out over time from use. Because of this, the average lifespan of any LED lightbulb will likely range from fifty thousand hours to one hundred thousand hours. If you run a LED light twenty-four hours a day for seven days a week, an LED light will still last for around eleven years. Compare this with an incandescent light, which lasts for an average of seven hundred and fifty hours, and you will see why LED lighting has become so popular.

LED Lighting in Commercial Spaces Translates To Huge Savings

LED lighting offers extreme savings to any commercial developer that decides to place quality over initial cost. Because LED lighting is so much more efficient than the classic alternatives, you can drastically lessen the overall cost of keeping the lights on in a commercial space. Furthermore, because LED lights last longer, you do not need to change the bulbs constantly, meaning your maintenance costs are lower. As a result, your business saves money on the payroll for the repairs, and workers can focus their attention on more pressing issues.

Extreme Efficiency

The US Department of Energy states the LED lights use 75 percent less energy when compared to traditional incandescent bulbs. For a large commercial enterprise that operates around the clock, this efficiency can result in big-time savings. For some, these savings could result in millions of dollars saved annually. This is money that you can use to improve the rest of the infrastructure within the space!

LED Lights Emit Very Little Heat

Unlike traditional halogen and fluorescent lighting, LED lights emit very little heat. This means that LED lights have no safety concerns when leaving the lights on for extended periods. In addition, because they emit very little heat, they will not increase your energy usage if they operate in a cold setting. In fact, the efficiency and lifetime expectancy of LED lights goes up in lower temperature settings. However, LEDs can benefit in room temperature settings as well. The reduction in heat contributes to their energy saving. With commercial settings, you can expect to experience a 35 percent reduction in energy used.

LED Lighting Helps Fight Climate Change

Throughout the world, energy production is the leading source of greenhouse gas emissions. Even so, the energy efficiency benefits of LED lighting can reduce the number of greenhouse gases released by a

large amount. Because of this, LEDs help commercial businesses have a way to operate a more environmentally sustainable business while simultaneously saving money and having better lighting. Another smaller factor to consider with the use of LEDs is the PR that it could generate. If you market your business as sustainable and back it up with green technology, you are sure to attract more attention.

LED Lights Are Bright

One of the more obvious benefits of using in commercial spaces is that it is brighter. Because you can dim LED lights, a commercial property can change the light to mimic a warmer color in most cases. In turn, this can have drastic effects on your workers. Studies show that light that mimics the tone of natural light helps increase concentration and productivity. Furthermore, because LEDs do not have filaments, they provide a bright environment free of any flickering.


LED Lighting Is Easily Controllable

One of the more notable features that LED lights are known for is their controllability. LEDs provide precise control in relation to the intensity, timing, and, most importantly, the light’s color. This means that you can set your lights throughout the day to reflect the amount of light put out by the sun. This allows you to keep the atmosphere of the rooms the same throughout the day, as the lighting intensity will stay the same no matter what the sun is doing. While this may seem trivial, many studies have proven that light intensity, color, and wavelength directly impact efficiency and progress. By keeping a consistent environment in the office throughout the day, you are making a comfortable and timeless space for your employees.

Miscellaneous Benefits

There are far too many other benefits LEDs can provide your business that didn’t fit in this article. Here are just a few major benefits that this article did not cover:
  • They offer a lot of color variety besides tan and white
  • LED lights do not need time to warm up
  • They produce very little ultraviolet emissions
  • They do not contain mercury
  • LED components are easily recyclable
  • LED lighting is quiet and does not make any annoying buzzing noises like other light sources do
No matter what you plan to do with the lighting, you should now understand the many reasons why you should use LED lighting for your commercial business. Simply put, these provide too many benefits for you to ignore. If you are looking for industrial LED lighting at an affordable price, check out Eco LED Mart. We have a vast selection of LED industrial lighting that is sure to satisfy your needs!


Why You Should Use LED Lighting for Your Commercial Business

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